Koya Tube Lure Head 9"

Koya Lures – Koya Tube Lure designed & tuned for Big Game Trolling with aggressive surface swimming, popping, & rooster tailing to mimic a surface feeder. Used by the top charter boat captains in the big game fishing world, especially in Kona, Hawaii. Eric Koya hand crafts these lures like the old masters: Chester Kita, George Parker, Henry Chee, and Joe Yee. Most lures feature beautiful shell inserts and are 100% hand made, polished and tuned for use by recreational and commercial fishermen. During 2015 in Kona, Hawaii, three granders, Marlins over 1000 Lb, were caught with Koya Lures and this was one of them.

Sold individually … Stock sizes (Medium= 9")

$ 59.99