This plunger is a 16 in 12.0 oz (41cm – 340gm) Koya Poi-Dog Lure Head with a clear resin pour and a turquoise iridescent Mother of Pearl (MOP) shell wrap covering the insert. The shell wrap scatters shimmering colored tones of light across the lure head.

The largest in the Koya Plunger Lure series is this 16 in (41cm) high performance Koya Poi Dog Lure with a Turquoise Mother of Pearl insert. The Lure head has a single constant taper ending in the slanted nose. It is longer, thicker and heavier than the 14 in (36cm) Koya Poi Dog Lure Head. Because of the performance and weight this is the go-to lure in marlin tournament fishing. It’s perfectly designed for targeting very large billfish in any ocean conditions – a must have in your trolling plunger lure set.

LURE SKIRT SIZE : 16 in (41cm) inner/outer.

HOOK RIG SIZE : Use 12/0 to 14/0 hook rig.

TROLLING PATTERN : Long or short corner.

TARGET SPECIES : Black and Blue Marlin.

Koya Poi-Dog Lure in Turquoise. The popular 16 in (41cm) Koya Poi-Dog Lure is responsible for many “granders” 1,000 plus Lb. (454 plus kg) and tournament winning Blue Marlin catches world wide, but especially along the Kona coast in the past ten years.

$ 249.00