This 10 in 6.0 oz (25cm – 170gm) Koya +Bullet Lure Head has a clear resin pour with a Dark Blue Iridescent Starburst wrap covering the insert. Each of the four sides has a mirrored reflector slab. The dark blue starburst wrap is visible at the top , bottom and four edges of the lure.

The medium-large Koya +Bullet Lure in Dark Blue with four jets, is one of the largest and best 10 in (25cm) deep diving jetted bullet lures on the market. The Lure head has a single slow taper ending in the pointed nose. It is longer, wider and much heavier than the 9 in (23cm) Koya jetted bullet lure, but with the same characteristics. With perfect weight distribution, this jetted bullet lure runs straighter and deeper than its smaller cousins. It’s perfect for targeting large predators – a must have in your trolling pattern.

LURE SKIRT SIZE : 10 in (25cm) inner/outer.

HOOK RIG SIZE : Use 10/0 or 11/0 hook rig.

TROLLING PATTERN : Long corner, short rigger.

TARGET SPECIES : YellowFin Tuna & Marlin.

This Medium-Large Koya +Bullet Lure in dark blue is responsible for many of Capt. Bryan Toney’s 100-200 Lb. (45-90 kg) Yellowfin Tuna catches along the Kona coast in May/June of this year on board the “Melee”.

$ 79.00