Ande Premium Monofilament Leader
200 - 400 LB – 50 Yd Coils – Clear

Ande Premium Monofilament Leader – Ande's medium soft monofilament with excellent tensile, knot strength, and abrasion resistant is one of the top selling line for both commercial and recreational fishing. Ande's new formulation offers: Superior knot strengths, Strong abrasion resistance Low stretch High strength Easy-handling mono skeins on skirted spools for fast rigging!  Ande Monofilament Leader Skeins make onboard leader making fast and easy!  Available in Clear, Blue, and Hi-Vis Yellow for high performance in extreme conditions.

Sold individually … Stock sizes (200 Lb) (250 Lb) (300 Lb) (400 Lb) ( 50Yds – Clear)

$ 24.99