AFW 49 Strand Stainless Cable Leader
400 – 900 LB – 30 Ft Coils – Camo

AFW 49 Strand 7 X 7 Stainless Leader Cable – American Fishing Wire 49-Strand Stainless-Steel Leader Cable is the best choice for big game leader or lure rigging. Made from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel for high strength. The uncoated 49 strand stainless steel cable is the most commonly used cable and it’s equally suited to fishing with lures or baits, can easily be joined with brass or copper sleeves and is highly kink resistant. Provides excellent bite protection against shark and other big game toothy fish while extremely flexible and abrasion resistant.  Available in Camo (Brown).

Sold individually … Stock sizes (400 Lbs) (500 Lbs) (600 Lbs) (800 Lbs) (900 Lbs) ( 30 Ft – Camo)

$ 14.99